India is my home country i was not born there but i have been there multiple times to meet my family members i love going to meet my grandma there she is so nice.i also like the food there my mom makes indian food but we don't always have the same type of ingredients in korea so whenever we go there my mom brings some food too. I also enjoy spending time with my cousin they are older them me but it is still fun.


It gives me india vibes it feels kind of the same but it is also different the food there is also very good. But i like the water parks the most i went there in summer and it was quit hot and i loved the rides there it was not too scarey i was younger that time but it was very fun i went to one of the rides everything was made of glass and there were small sharks in the glass it was very enjoyable.


I live here i have to like it it is very clean here and you can trust to put thing outside and more on of course we have to make sure that it doesn't get lossed but it is very safe i also like the food here mostly the spicy stuff. And all of my friends are here too!


It is also in korea but i loved the beach any where that has a beach i will most definitely like. The waves are quite big and the water is also quite deep. And of course i like the sand too my little brother likes it more thought.

There was a big pool in the place we were staying and i had a lot of fun there too i got a cold there thought but other than that happening it was a nice trip.i like the fried rice probably the best out of all of the food there.


I forgot where i went but i went to Disneyland and i had fun on the rides and i like the roller coasters and the rides i could go in with my brother it was very fun and we saw the peraid and ate waffles and i got a couple of souvenirs like mickey mouse thing and something from cars for my brother.